After shooting an innocent African-American man in Brooklyn, Mike Tan, a Chinese-American cop, wades through his guilt as he attempts to navigate the intricate and complicated worlds of media, justice, and racial politics in modern day New York.

Director(s): Aimee Long

Writer(s): Aimee Long

Producer(s): Daniel Langa, Aimee Long

Editor(s): Michael Fay, Ian Blume

Cinematographer(s): Alexander Chinnici

Production Designer(s): Rocio Gimenez

Music Composer(s): Jon Monroe

Kenny Leu (Mike Tan), Ciara Renée (Candace Walker), Fiona Fu (May Tan), Tzi Ma (Chao Tan), Lynn Chen (Grace Tan), Clifton Davis (D.C. Walker), Derek Goh (Ryan Doheney), Kathryn Erbe (Dr. Selvy), Kelly AuCoin(Larry Berman), Dan Lauria(Ritchie Barrett)