Most people in the neighborhood know Rasheeda. On a typical day in the Chicago Southland, she hangs out with her best friend Femi, checks out the newest dance craze, and chills with friends at your usual kickback. But while Rasheeda revels in Black joy, she also comes to terms with her reality, unsure if who she is will ever truly be accepted.

Director(s): Regina Hoyles

Writer(s): Regina Hoyles

Producer(s): Cooper Packard, Layne Marie Williams, Jo Rochelle, Summer Payton

Editor(s): Declan McInerney

Cinematographer(s): Olivia Aquilina

Production Designer(s): Armani Barron

Music Composer(s): Summer Payton

Regina Hoyles (Rasheeda), DeMorris Burrows (Femi), Allegra Sweeney (Rebecca)