In a gentrifying New Orleans, Demond sacrifices to be Big Chief in a secret 200-year culture known as Mardi Gras Indians: African-American men from the city’s roughest neighborhoods who spend all year sewing feathered suits they’ll wear only once, in a battle to decide who’s “the prettiest.”

Director(s): Michal Pietrzyk

Writer(s): Michal Pietrzyk

Producer(s): Celeste Caliri, David Favret, Michal Pietrzyk, Gabriel Bienczycki

Editor(s): Michal Pietrzyk

Cinematographer(s): Gabriel Bienczycki

Music Composer(s): Kai Engel

Big Chief Demond Melancon, Alicia Winding, Spyboy Shaudy, Spyboy Trigga Blakk