AVA & BIANCA is a short documentary film directed by Rachel Fleit that portrays the profound friendship between Ava Benjamin Schorr and Bianca Cline who are both transgender female cinematographers. The film explores who they are beyond their trans identity, what it means to be a female cinematographer and last but certainly not least, what it means to be a woman in this moment in time. Our film is about the complex dimensionality of identity, the magic that unfolds when two people can find deep identification with one another, the experience of feeling seen and understood and the power of two women forging ahead in a very difficult landscape, as women, as trans people and as cinematographers.

Director(s): Rachel Fleit

Writer(s): Rachel Fleit

Producer(s): goodstory films

Editor(s): Chris Huth

Cinematographer(s): Ava Benjamin Shorr, Bianca Cline, Kalea Calloway

Music Composer(s): Seth Rothschild

Ava Shorr and Bianca Cline