Yong, a Korean-American boy in the 1980s, is obsessed with pop culture. He also has trouble fitting in with his American classmates, who consider him a
foreigner despite their common interests. After a particularly devastating rejection by the “cool” kids, Yong makes a wish to become the world's most
famous foul-mouthed standup comedian, Eddie Meyers. When his wish comes true in an unexpected and hilarious way, he achieves popularity but soon
faces the downsides of not being himself.

Director(s): Lilan Bowden

Writer(s): Ed Lee

Producer(s): Joyce Liu-Countryman, Ed Lee

Editor(s): Marc Sedaka

Cinematographer(s): Patrick Ouziel

Production Designer(s): Minolae Jain

Music Composer(s): Gregory James Jenkins

Joziah Lagonoy (Yong), Amanda Misa Curtis (Sumi), Helen Hong (Mrs. Kim), Charles Kim (Mr. Kim/Adult Yong), Lindsay Beamish (Mrs. Bream), Jason Brewer (Jonathan), Brandin Stennis (Lane), and David Michael Brown (Eddie Meyers)