A film for this historic moment, BLACK BOYS exposes the dehumanization of Black males in America at the intersection of sports, education and criminal justice in a nation still struggling to rectify its past. The story is anchored by Greg Scruggs, a 2X Super Bowl champion and young father who recently returned to his hometown of Cincinnati to impress upon young Black athletes the importance of education first. Supporting storylines follow Sharif El Mekki, a principal at a nearly all Black charter school in West Philadelphia, and Malcolm London, a young poet activist fighting for criminal justice reform in Chicago. Notable voices in the film include Malcolm Jenkins, Carmelo Anthony, Jemele Hill, Dr. Harry Edwards, former Secretary of Education John King, and more. Ultimately, the film serves as a rare glimpse into the emotional landscape of Black males, illuminating their full humanity, vulnerability and resilience.

Director(s): Sonia Lowman

Writer(s): Sonia Lowman

Producer(s): Sonia Lowman, Chad Williamson, Elliot Kotel

Editor(s): Evald Ridore

Cinematographer(s): Jeanne Tyson

Production Designer(s): N/A

Music Composer(s): N/A

Malcolm Jenkins, Carmelo Anthony, Malcolm London, Vic Mensa, Cris Carter, Jemele Hill, Greg Scruggs, Howard Bryant