Grace Charles is overworked, under rested, and has accepted a new job that will take her and her doting husband, Chance overseas. They agree to spend their final night saying goodbye to their closest friends at an Anniversary Send-Off. Friendships shift as the day gives way to a night of revelations, infidelities and murder. What happens when a fight for friendships becomes a struggle for survival? Some farewells are forever.
Grace’s fight for her friendships escalate into a fight for survival in this drama - turned thriller that finds friends trapped in a house full of liars on the last night of their lives.

Director(s): Chris Chalk

Writer(s): Chris Chalk

Producer(s): Chris Chalk, K.D. Chalk

Editor(s): Lex Kimbrough

Cinematographer(s): Lex Kimbrough

Production Designer(s): Prisca Choe

Music Composer(s): Daniel Clive McCallum

K. D. Chalk (Grace), Chris Chalk (Chance), Cesa Pledger (Mila), Eden Marryshow (Remy), Chantal Nchako (Kit), Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut ( Stacey), and Natalie Woolams-Torres (Laila)