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Devi has been breeding legendary pot strains for decades on the remote homestead she built herself. But when cannabis is legalized, she suddenly finds herself fighting for her survival. In a tour-de-force performance, Krisha Fairchild (Devi) brings the timely story of a black-market grower battling to keep her farm to the screen.

Director(s): Mario Furloni and Kate McLean

Writer(s): Kate McLean and Mario Furloni

Producer(s): Laura Heberton

Editor(s): Sara Newens and Chris Donlon

Cinematographer(s): Mario Furloni

Production Designer(s): Lauren Gallaspy and Alex Irwin

Music Composer(s): William Ryan Fritch

Krisha Fairchild (Devi) Frank Mosley (Josh) John Craven (Ray) Lily Gladstone (Mara)