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GraceLand is your classic story of a mother, child and the king of 'rock n roll.' Prissy (Anna Camp) has worked hard to create a perfectly normal life for her family. But tensions run high when Grace (Katie Beth West) claims to be the reincarnation of Elvis Presley. Equal parts worried for her child, as well as how this behavior reflects upon her and disrupts the perfect family life she’s worked so hard to achieve, Prissy will have to search her heart to figure out if she can live with the king.

GraceLand uses the music of Elvis Presley and a young person's sense of connection to him to explore self-identity, gender, and acceptance.

Director(s): Bonnie Discepolo (Ryan)

Writer(s): Trevor O. Munson & Bonnie Discepolo

Producer(s): Brad Jayne, Stephen Moffatt, Bonnie Discepolo, Trevor O. Munson, Ed Tilden

Editor(s): Puppet, Additonal editing Kenji Yasutake

Cinematographer(s): Zelmira Gainza

Production Designer(s): Leslie Keel

Music Composer(s): Lucas Lechowski, Barry J. Neely

Anna Camp (Prissy) Katie Beth West (Elvis) Monique Coleman (Ms. Snell) Daniel Eric Gold (Dad)