Maya is a cover band singer in a Las Vegas casino-hotel lounge trying to connect with her daughter who is growing up in the Philippines without her. Wrestling between her passion for songwriting and becoming a pop-culture photocopy for an un-listening audience, she realizes that music -- the one thing that keeps them distant – can also bring them closer together.

Director(s): Marie Jamora

Writer(s): Marie Jamora

Producer(s): Jason McLagan, Matthew Keene Smith

Editor(s): Benjamin Tolentino

Cinematographer(s): Carlo Canlas Mendoza

Production Designer(s): Trinka Lat

Music Composer(s): Mikey Amistoso & Jazz Nicolas

Frencheska Farr (Maya), Anthea Neri (Lea), Nicko Sabado (Bobbit), Donato Karingal (Sonny), & Michael Rosete (Sev)