During the Iraq War, Mabry Hoffman leaves a life in academia to work in Fallujah as an anthropologist for the now defunct Human Terrain System (HTS). HTS was a government-run program aiming to provide the military with a greater understanding of the local culture and its people. On the field, Mabry, a Jewish-American woman, meets Adelah, an Iraqi Muslim woman; a deep friendship is born. Mabry must choose where to place her loyalty and live with the consequences as she explores the fragile boundaries between ethics, friendship, and patriotic duty.

Director(s): Parisa Barani

Writer(s): Jennifer Blackmer

Producer(s): Thomai Hatsios and Daniel Leighton

Editor(s): Evita Yuepu Zhou and Yinong Xia

Cinematographer(s): Allen E. Ho

Production Designer(s): Carly Larson

Music Composer(s): Nima Fakhrara

Maggie Siff (Mabry Hoffman), Sarita Choudhury (Adelah Nasser) and Aariq Manji (Masoud)