When 14 year old Gloria decides she can no longer bear the existential pain of feeling invisible, she pens a brief suicide letter and tries to take her own life. But at the sight of blood, her instinct to survive takes over and she saves herself. That night Gloria is visited in her dreams by a mysterious little saint with sad eyes who shows Gloria a reflection of her heartache in a mirror: a sensual but nightmarish encounter with another girl. The next day, Gloria searches for her missing suicide letter, only to discover it's been found by her illiterate grandmother. For better or for worse, Gloria's reasons for wanting to die remain secret. The next day, Gloria accompanies her older brother and his best friend Xochitl to go tagging at an abandoned house in the desert. Gloria and Xochitl have a steamy encounter that ends in painful disappointment for Gloria. As she wrestles with the pain of unrequited love in secret, Gloria makes an unexpected connection with her grandmother, Antonia, that leads to her coming out — an act of self-expression that Gloria had no idea how much she needed. After, Antonia and Gloria share whiskey and a cigar in bed, a silent acknowledgment of suffering and its mysterious role in our lives. In the dead of night, Gloria wanders alone, following the mysterious girl from her dream toward a revelation of healing & self-awareness.

Director(s): Mary Evangelista

Writer(s): Stephanie Adams-Santos

Producer(s): Gia Rigoli, Apoorva Charan, Adanne Ebo, Emiliana Ammirata

Editor(s): Sungwhan Moon

Cinematographer(s): Lorena Duran

Production Designer(s): Sam Neidenbach

Cris Gris (Gloria), Michelle Badillo (Xochitl), Alma Adams (Abuela)