“Lady Liberty” is a coming-of-age and coming out half-hour comedy-drama following Shea Miller (played by creator/writer, Julia Lindon), a 20-something aspiring comedian/current assistant to a famous comedian, as she learns to claim her queerness and redefine herself.

Shea is caught between conflicting identities: the nice Jewish girl her friends and family have always known, the up-and-coming comic she wants her boss to see, and the confident queer gal she desperately wants to be.

Inspired by the real-life events of Julia Lindon, Lady Liberty explores identity, queerness, vulnerability, ambition, fear, and belonging with humor, heart, and a healthy dose of humiliation.

Director(s): Taylor Lee Nagel

Writer(s): Julia Lindon

Producer(s): Taylor Lee Nagel, Julia Lindon, Emily Dalmas & Melinda Andrade

Editor(s): Tricia Holmes

Cinematographer(s): Sara Kinney

Production Designer(s): Abigail Austin

Music Composer(s): Dylan Neely

Julia Lindon, Jason Sudeikis, Rebecca Henderson, Yoni Lotan, karen Eilbacher, Chip Hamilton, Julia Greer, Chris Burns, Sara Lazarus