“We are floating on a ball in the middle of space.” After accidentally tuning in to a mysterious late-night radio show and hearing this sentiment, Nan’s head is metaphorically cracked open. No longer content with her lonely existence, in a lonely marriage, in a lonely house in the middle of nowhere, Nan is forced to decide between her safe but ultimately meaningless world, and the unknown outside her front door.

Director(s): Nora Kirkpatrick

Writer(s): Nora Kirkpatrick

Producer(s): William Day-Frank, Nicole Smolen, Nora Kirkpatrick

Editor(s): Mike Manasewitsch

Cinematographer(s): Jeff Leeds-Cohn

Production Designer(s): Alessandra Cadman

Music Composer(s): Mitchell Yoshida

Breeda Wool, Dominic Bogart, Juliet Mills, DeMorge Brown, Jen Tullock