David Seneca is a Puerto Rican actor in New York City who has been struggling for years to make his acting career a success. His millennial protégé takes the acting world by storm while David teaches accent reduction classes to foreign business executives. On top of his home life being on the rocks, David is dealing with his homeland of Puerto Rico going through its worst moment in recent history after the passing of Hurricane Maria. Meanwhile, due to an altercation, David unwittingly becomes a viral internet sensation, and not the good kind. He is kicked out of his home, and he slowly starts picking up the pieces of his life to make himself whole again. Seneca is a funny, wistful, heartfelt story about aspirations, colonialism, and being an adult in the 21st century.

**Please be aware this film is only available for 24 Hours starting on Thursday, August 13 from 2:30-4:00PM, with Live Q&A on Friday, August 14 from 4-4:30PM.

Director(s): Jason Chaet

Writer(s): Armando Riesco

Producer(s): Jason Chaet, Armando Riesco

Editor(s): Jason Chaet

Cinematographer(s): Meg Kettell

Production Designer(s): Justin Cox

Music Composer(s): Robert Manganaro

Armando Riesco, Shirley Rumierk, Suze Misner, Tony Plana, Isiah Whitlock