8 year-old Annie Abott Bridges has no doubt that her dad is still on a business trip, even though he’s been gone for 3 years and her bully never lets her forget it. While attending a school field trip to the local bowling alley, she runs into her long absent father. She finds him with a lady that is definitely not her mother, knocking back a highball of whiskey on a Wednesday morning in 1973.

Director(s): Heather Edwards

Writer(s): Heather Edwards

Producer(s): Kevin Linke, David Linke, Christie Rein, Sherry Miller, Gregory Gambina & Heather Edwards

Editor(s): Scott Beatty

Cinematographer(s): Shane Bruce Johnston

Production Designer(s): Robert Brecko

Music Composer(s): Bob Edwards

Matt Jones (Bobby Glen) Martha McIsaac (Martha Lou) Vivienne Rutherford (Annie Abott Bridges) Ethan Jones (Mark)