LEO, a timid, midwestern guy, finds himself doing tai chi with a group of Chinese senior citizens in a Brooklyn park. He's there because he wants to ask for his girlfriend's hand in marriage, but her immigrant mother is so intimidating, he doesn't know where to start. Tiny MRS. CHIN remains unreadable as she has Leo chase her around the park through stretches, stair workouts, lunges, and squats. All the while, Leo tries to make his case as a worthy husband. He offers to work "day and night" and mentions accepting a promotion overseas. At this, Mrs. Chin unexpectedly shares the story of her unhappy, sexless marriage to a business tycoon who was never home.

She then quizzes Leo like a drill sergeant on various aspects of intercultural marriage until he breaks down and admits that he doesn't even want the promotion- he'd rather be home every night with his family. With nothing left to lose, he then reveals that whether or not he has Mrs. Chin's permission, he intends to propose and base his decisions solely on her daughter's happiness. He stomps off angrily, and Mrs. Chin gives a wry smile of approval.

Director(s): Liann Kaye

Writer(s): Liann Kaye

Producer(s): Liann Kaye

Editor(s): Kevin Birou

Cinematographer(s): Connie Huang

Ryan Wright, Yoko Hyun