An odyssey through the life and legacy of László Moholy-Nagy, the innovative artist and educator whose pioneering approach to integrating technology into design continues to influence and inspire.

**Please be aware this film is only available for 24 hours starting Wednesday, August 12 at 12:00AM CT with a Live Q&A on Thursday from 1:00-1:30PM CT. This film is also only available for regional audiences.

Director(s): Alysa Nahmias

Writer(s): Alysa Nahmias, Miranda Yousef

Producer(s): Petter Ringbom, Erin Wright, Alysa Nahmias

Editor(s): Miranda Yousef

Cinematographer(s): Petter Ringbom

Music Composer(s): Dennis McNany

Hattula Moholy-Nagy, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Olafur Eliasson