Filmed over five years in Kansas City, Transhood follows four transgender kids - beginning at ages 4, 7, 12, and 15 - as they redefine “coming of age.” These trans kids and their families allow us into the intimate realities of how gender is re-shaping the family next door in a never-before-told chronicling of growing up trans in the heartland. The film is a nuanced examination of how families tussle, transform, and sometimes find unexpected purpose in their identities as trans families.

Director(s): Sharon Liese

Writer(s): N/A

Producer(s): Sasha Alpert and Sharon Liese

Editor(s): Dava Whisenant - supervising editor Nick Andert - editor

Cinematographer(s): Ty Jones

Production Designer(s): N/A

Music Composer(s): Nathan Halpern

Leena, Jay, Avery, Phoenix