“Were You Gay In High School?” is the story of two queer, Asian American women who share their awkward, closeted stories from high school. Hannah and Kelly open up about their uncomfortable, coming-of-age moments as teens by finding commonalities in their stories and learning about the people they used to be. They reminisce about the boyfriends they didn’t like kissing and the straight-girls who were definitely flirting with them. The stories shared are both cringeworthy and silly; hilarious and painful.

Director(s): Niki Ang

Writer(s): Niki Ang, Karen Du

Producer(s): Kimmie Kim, Diana Ward, Andrew Ahn

Editor(s): Autumn Dea

Cinematographer(s): Karen Du

Production Designer(s): Cindy Chao, Michele Yu

Music Composer(s): Carla Patullo

Alex Song (Kelly), Sierra Puett (Hannah)