Amputated as an infant, 13-year-old Arkhan Langenbelik, an Arkansas resident of Marshallese heritage, seized an opportunity to help himself and his parents. Prosthetics became a financial burden as the boy grew, so utilizing the 3D printer technology freely available at his school, Arkhan created his own prosthetic leg in an effort to save money for his family. The inspirational story of this young boy spread through his community and made its way to a charity organization called 50 Legs out of Florida. 50 Legs, run by former pro wrestler Steve Chamberland, sponsored Arkhan and his family to travel to Orlando and receive top-of-the-line prosthetic walking and running legs from an industry leader. This documentary follows his journey from his home in Arkansas throughout his trip to Florida, but most importantly his journey of self-acceptance as he gets to know other amputees for the first time in his life. The emotional climax of the story presents Arkhan running on both legs for the first time.

Director(s): Trent Jones, Seth Biazo, Dustin Mapes

Writer(s): Dustin Mapes

Producer(s): Trent Jones, Steve Chamberland, Tiffany Willis, Producer

Editor(s): Dustin Mapes

Cinematographer(s): Seth Biazo, Dustin Mapes

Arkhan Langenbelik, Lesley Wheeler, Brandon Wheeler, Stan Patterson, Kelley White, Rick Shultz, Steve Chamberland, Derick Ratchford, Joshua Worthy