Bentonville Film Festival Commemorative NFT

Bentonville Film Festival (BFF) presents The Cinematic Center NFT, featuring digital art created by Sarah Richardson from Little Rock, AR. This is BFF’s inaugural NFT collection. This NFT provides access to a future, exclusive virtual event with Geena Davis, along with a few other surprises over time. Additionally, for every 50 NFTs minted, BFF will award a Cinematic Membership to an NFT holder through a raffle that will be held after the close of the 2022 festival.

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Check back on July 22 to grab the NFT when it launches!

You can learn more about the NFT Artist, Sarah Richardson Here:

Learn More about How to Engage on #MintDay on 7/22/22

We are proud to be in the #Web3 #nft space as a place of inclusion and diversity for filmmakers. NFT sales will go toward our 501c3 BFFoundation and to specifically fund next film projects using NFTs. We will be hosting TWO scheduled discussions on Twitter leading up the launch, and ONE discussion on Mint Day – 7/22/22! Be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates.

BFF Twitter NFT Launch Space Discussion center 7/3/22 – Click to Listen to Recording!

2022 Web 3 Festival Panel & NFT Launch

In celebration of being the FIRST film festival to mint their first NFT, created by artist, Sarah Richardson @sarahscript – we held a panel spotlighting NFTs and film and entertainment industry during the 8th annual festival in Bentonville on June 24, 2022. Find out more about this event below:


The entertainment industry has a growing interest in exploring new funding models with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Let’s talk about it! Join filmmakers, content creators, NFT entrepreneurs, and celebrities who will bring a dynamic discussion about NFTs to the film industry at the 2022 Bentonville Film Festival, where its host region is the global headquarters of the nation’s largest retailer and one of the newest urban hotspots for entrepreneurs and professionals to live and work.

A private workshop for filmmakers and invited industry will give guests a discounted rate to get a wallet with the help of NFT experts that have created a seismic change in the crypto verse for women. There will also be the opportunity to create a private mint and will be followed by an exclusive conversation with filmmakers in the industry using crypto to fund films that may.

  • Manouschka Guerrier (Moderator) – Personal Chef/CEO at Single Serving
  • Jordan Baynes – Film Director
  • Diana Zollicoffer – Filmmaker & Actor
  • Brooke Lacey – Technologist, Advisor, Web3 Developer
  • Winnie Kemp – Head Of Development at Jumpcut Media
  • Joe Payne – The Society of the Hourglass

To view a recording of the panel – check it out on YouTube!

Bentonville Film Festival ROADMAP

Phase 1:

  • In celebration of being the FIRST film festival to mint their first NFT, created by artist, Sarah Richardson @sarahscript – we will be adding a series of programming spotlighting NFTs and film and entertainment industry. Announced the first NFT created by a film festival.
  • Established a partnership with Cartwheel Studios and Society of the Hourglass to create a smart contract on the BFF website for minting through the Hasku platform.
  • Created an animated bumper with Kickstart Entertainment to play before all 2022 films featuring the BFF 2022 Commemorative NFT and process video by Sarah Richardson.
  • Provide educational resources for BFF audiences, alumni, and community about Web3 and empowering women and diverse creators in the Web3 space.

Phase 2:

  • We are minting 200 NFTs on 7/22/22 for the opportunity to get 1:1 Geena Davis and Sarah Script signed print of the commemorative NFT. All minters get a discount if they mint on 7/22.
  • We are minting 800 more after 7/22/22 through the end of the year. Utilities TBA throughout the rest of the year (community building)
  • Create partnerships with mission-aligned organizations across the Web3 spaces to provide access, resources, and possible benefits for our NFT holders and festival community who want to engage in Web3.
  • Prepare and plan for the 2023 NFT events and programming at the 9th annual festival; including the development of partnerships with other Web3 communities who want to have a presence at the festival and engage.
  • Seek resources and funding partnerships for 2023 NFT program and events at the festival.

Phase 3:

  • Launch a call for a mission-aligned artist to create the next festival’s commemorative NFT.
  • Development of NFT holders benefits and access for festival events and beyond.
  • Announce member benefits and resources that will come with the 2023 launch during the month of February 2023.


Setting Up A Wallet

Need help setting up a wallet for NFTs? Here are tutorials on how to set up your wallets:



Powered by Hashku, our 2022 Commemorative NFT will be available to mint with Etherum or with USD / Credit card.

Web3 Glossary

  • Alpha – Valuable information that is exclusive to a small group (ie. new NFT project coming out that is with a big time artist or brand)
  • Cold WalletA cryptocurrency wallet that cannot be compromised because it is not connected to the Internet. Also called a “hardware wallet” and “offline wallet,” the cold wallet stores the user’s address and private key and works in conjunction with compatible software in the computer.
  • Delist – To remove an NFT from OpenSea Marketplace
  • Doxxed – Someone who is doxxed is someone who is not anonymous online
  • Floor Price – The lowest price someone is willing to sell their NFT on secondary marketplace like OpenSea
  • Gas – The price of a transaction on the network
  • Hot Wallet – A hot wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that is always connected to the internet and cryptocurrency network. Hot wallets are used to send and receive cryptocurrency, and they allow you to view how many tokens you have available to use.
  • IP – Intellectual property – refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce.
  • IRL – In real life
  • Metaverse – The metaverse is “an integrated network of 3D virtual worlds.” These worlds are accessed through a virtual reality headset — users navigate the metaverse using their eye movements, feedback controllers or voice commands.
  • Mint – The actual act of acquiring an NFT on launch day
  • NFT – NFT means non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are generally created using the same type of programming used for cryptocurrencies. In simple terms these cryptographic assets are based on blockchain technology. They cannot be exchanged or traded equivalently like other cryptographic assets like Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  • PFP – Profile picture aka your picture on Twitter/Discord/whatever!
  • RarityThe rarity of an NFT is determined by the frequency in which the traits and characteristics that comprise it appear within the given collection
  • Rug – A scam!
  • Web3 a blockchain-integrated internet or an internet where cryptocurrencies and NFTs are built into the platforms you use.

*Definitions provided by OER

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