BFFoundation has a history of taking real action with content creators, talent, influencers, advertisers, and content distributors, who have participated in the annual Bentonville Film Festival. We work with corporate and studio partners year-round to support independent filmmakers’ next projects and careers. Our partners engage with the 10K+ diverse and talented alumni who have come through BFF since 2015.

BFF M&M’S® For All Funkind Grant

In 2022, Mars Wrigley announced a mentorship opportunity through the Bentonville Film Festival (BFF) to support an up-and-coming, underrepresented filmmaker and content creator. Through a multi-year partnership with Bentonville Film Festival, Mars Wrigley is dedicated to creating more inclusive entertainment and better moments by helping supporting a wide range of underrepresented storytellers, including BIPOC, people with a disability and people from the LGBTQIA+ communities. With this grant and mentorship, Mars Wrigley – with one of our largest global brands – M&M’S is working to help diverse content creators overcome barriers with funding and hands-on experience to create a world where the next generation of fans and creators feels they belong. The grant is part of a movement M&M’S to remind people everywhere that despite our differences, we all belong to a community of humans that have one simple and powerful thing in common: fun.

2023 Grant Recipient: Gabrielle Roberts

The 2023 BFF M&M’s For All Funkind Grant was awarded to Gabrielle Roberts, whose previous work screened as part of the 2022 Bentonville Film Festival Competition Shorts program. The mentorship includes a $20,000 production grant for her new short film LEVEL UP, with the film premiering upon completion at a future Bentonville Film Festival, plus the opportunity to work with the M&M’S® team on a project for the iconic brand, focused on championing fun to help everyone feel included.

BFFoundation Storytellers Showcase with Coca Cola, M&M’S®, & NBCUniversal at 2023 Bentonville Film Festival

A showcase of short film screenings and conversations with emerging and established filmmakers that have been awarded funding and production support from valued BFF partners and global brands, Coca Cola, M&M”S®, and NBCUniversal. The 2023’ featured projects and speakers include: “Expand” by Bella and Gracie Hall & Coca Cola Refreshing Films teams; “Fish Out of Town” by BFF Alumni – Sofia Garza-Barba & Mars Wrigley; “A Real One” by BFF Alumni – McKenzie Chinn & NBCUniversal. These projects were supported from initiatives and programs through the BFFoundation, our non-profit organization focused year-round on promoting underrepresented voices of women and diverse storytellers.

Director(s): Bella and Gracie Hall, Sofia Garza-Barba , McKenzie Chinn
Writer(s): Bella and Gracie Hall, Sofia Garza-Barba , McKenzie Chinn
Cast: Santiago Barrera, Ana Lozano, Eia Noel, Monica Leyn Fox Eris Baker, Ireon Roach, Matthew Amado