Curated by the Thaden School, the Adventure Shorts program showcases an appreciation for outdoor adventure and dynamic filmmaking, through a variety of life experiences.
Featuring a range of styles from hand-drawn to stop motion, and pulled together from countries around the world including Spain, Poland, Turkey, Iran and Belgium, the Animation Shorts program is fanciful, inventive and surprisingly emotional.
The romantic reunion of Ben Santhanaraj and Suzanne Hopper is thwarted when their holiday plans become a work-from-home vacation. The couple's romantic trip turns unconventional as they embark on a hilarious yet amorous journey across Sri Lanka.
The Episodics program has four unique shorts that offer a disparate range of styles and subject matter, all hinting at the future stories they have to tell.
After being brutally dumped, 17-year-old Sydnie discovers she is pregnant. Seeing this as an opportunity to get her ex back and give her life direction, she decides to keep the baby. She soon realizes that this won’t be the quick fix she had hoped for and finds herself caught in a complicated love triangle and totally lost. WORLD PREMIERE
A widowed schoolteacher in Lahore becomes a viral sensation overnight when she accidentally unleashes her unabashed opinions on social media. This newfound fame as an unlikely influencer comes with its own challenges as she has to navigate archaic mindsets and secret identities while raising her ten-year-old son in a world where women's right to having a voice and owning space, physical or online, is a constant challenge. Presented in partnership with International South Asian Film Festival Canada (iSAAF)
A series of events during Ruby's freshman year of college send her on a downward spiral, culminated by the arrival of a glamorous alter ego who begins to live a life of her own. WORLD PREMIERE