Adventure Shorts


EVENT TYPE: Competition Adventure Shorts

RUN TIME: 98 Minutes

ABLE. (Director, Gretchen Powers) – Able. (adj.) means having the power, skill, means, or opportunity to do something. In August 2022, Meg Fisher set out to be the first paracyclist to complete the LeadBoat Challenge – racing two of the world’s toughest bike courses back-to-back covering 250 miles and over 21,000 ft of elevation gain in the high mountains of Colorado.

BOTH & NEITHER (Directors, Julie Ellison, Andy Cochrane, Ryan Scura) – Born in the U.S. to a Mexican mother, artist and climber Natalie Connell has spent her life balancing 2 cultural identities in a society that defines her by race and skin color. Friend and climbing partner Ana Junker experienced a similar disconnect the more she assimilated to American culture. Together the friends travel to El Salto, Mexico, to explore what it means to have 2 homes, 2 languages, and 2 cultures—and to need both equally.

THE CAPTAIN (Director, Greg Kohs) – She was just a little kid who wanted to go fishing with her dad. Raised on the salty sea, earning her keep on the lobster boat, and holding her own amongst fellow salty fisherman, Sadie Samuels is now the captain of her lobster boat and she’s obsessed with her job. Boy, must be nice.

COMING HOME (Directors, Alex Showerman, Katie Lozancich) – Centering on Alex Showerman, a lifelong Vermonter and professional mountain biker who came out as a queer trans woman in 2020.

FORWARD (Director, Palmer Morse) – While navigating a myriad of life challenges, Anjelica turned to the outdoors to improve her mental health only to discover a noticeable lack of other plus-size women of color on trail.

RAISED BY SAND AND SALTY WATER (Directors, David Corrochano, Daniel Simon) – A short documentary featuring Wafa Heboul, a Moroccan skater girl from Taghazout. The film explores Wafa’s inspiring life story and how skateboarding has shaped her journey, while also highlighting the broader influence of skateboarding and surfing in Arabic culture.

THE ROUTE TO EMANCIPATION (Directors, Talib Abdullahi, Riley Engemoen) – Black History Bike Ride follows 3 friends as they embark on a 350 mile cycling route from the Texas Capitol in Austin to the site where Juneteenth began in 1865

SPEED OF SOUND (Director, Jade Ang Jackman) – A sonic portrait of self-professed adrenaline junkie, Carina Edlinger, whose athletic prowess and determination led her to win Gold at the Beijing Winter Paralympics in 2022.


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2:30 PM — Thaden School Theater - 805 S Main Street Bentonville


Jun 11, 3:30 PM — Jun 16, 11:59 PM Central Standard Time (CST)