All Happy Families


EVENT TYPE: Alumni Showcase

RUN TIME: 90 Minutes

Graham is an actor/writer struggling for recognition and moping in the shadowy of much more successful older brother Will. Finding themselves reunited unexpectedly to spend the weekend clearing out the family home under the watchful eyes of their equally complicated parents, the family uncovers secrets and airs old grievances, as they prepare for Graham's college crush to assume tenancy.


Director(s): Haroula Rose

Producer(s): Liz Cardenas

Writer(s): Haroula Rose, Coburn Goss

Cast: Josh Radnor, Becky Baker, Chandra Russell, Rob Huebel, John Ashton, Colleen Camp



8:30 PM — Fermentation Hall @ The Momentary - 507 SE E St Bentonville


Jun 13, 9:30 PM — Jun 16, 11:59 PM Central Standard Time (CST)