Blind AF


EVENT TYPE: Spotlight

RUN TIME: 88 Minutes

A blind female Paralympic champion and multiple world-record holder sets out to become the first blind person to ride a single, non-tandem, bike across the US – 3600 miles in 60 straight days – while confronting painful truths about her past that she’s spent a lifetime trying to outrun. BLIND AF documents this historic test of the human spirit, and resilience in the face of fear, to tell a multi-faceted story of trauma, transcendence and healing power of self-belief. WORLD PREMIERE


Director(s): Gina LeVay

Producer(s): Gina LeVay, Colby Gottert; Executive Producer Jeff Zimbalist,

Cast: Shawn Cheshire



6:00 PM — Fermentation Hall @ The Momentary - 507 SE E St Bentonville


Jun 13, 6:00 PM — Jun 15, 11:59 PM Central Standard Time (CST)