Dora the Explorer


EVENT TYPE: Outdoor Film Series

Join us for four amazing adventures with everyone's favorite explorer!

Dora helps an Alebrije recover the rainbow water needed for a special tree. On a hot day in the rainforest, Dora needs to rescue Val's paleta truck and secure icy treats for everyone. When a hermit crab uses Boots' boot as a shell, Dora sets off to find her original shell. Dora keeps giving away ingredients on the way to a picnic.


Director(s): Don Kim

Producer(s): Executive Producers: Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh Valdes, Rich Magallanes

Writer(s): The Alebrije Adventure Writer: Emma Ramos; Let’s Get A Paleta! Writer: Toby Arguello; A Crabby Boots Writer: Sean Gill; Papi’s Picnic Party Writer: Rebeca Delgado

Cast: Diana Zermeño as Dora; Asher Spence as Boots; Marc Weiner as Swiper; Anairis Quiñones as Map and The Fiesta Trio's armadillo; Maria Canals-Barrera as Abuela; Danny Burstein as Grumpy Old Troll, and The Fiesta Trio's frog and marmoset; Katarina Sky as Backpack; Donovan Monzon-Sanders as Tico; Tandi Fomukong as Isa; Quintún Muñoz as Benny; and Chris Gifford as Big Red Chicken