Episodic Shorts


EVENT TYPE: Competition Episodics

RUN TIME: 69 Minutes

THE COCKROACH (Director, Mary Pat Bentel) – After a body altering accident, a woman must find a way forward in her new reality. WORLD PREMIERE

DO IT TO ME IF YOU WANT (Directors, Elise Kibler, James Udom) – A fraught comedy series about the gray area of desire – what we *think*, versus what we *say*, versus what we *do* – as experienced by four college students navigating their sophomore year.

GONE NATIVE (Director, Joey Clift) – “Episode: Every time You Say Something is Your Spirit Animal, You Have to Give Every Native American Person You Know Twenty Five Dollars.” From spirit animals to pow wows, we explain that If you’re going to keep using sayings and phrases inspired by Native culture, we’re gonna start charging you!

WHAT ABOUT ME (Director, William Lott; Creator, Josh Nadler) – Following the death of his famous twin, Josh must navigate the funeral amid a whirlwind of challenges: a viral botched eulogy, a surprise pregnancy, a literal manhunt, and a life-altering job opportunity. As the rest of the world mourns, Josh and his eccentric family cruise through the chaos with humor, heart, and a healthy dose of Jewish guilt.


VENUE INFORMATION: Parking for screenings/events at Thaden School is in a residential area, so please plan your arrival time accordingly.



4:30 PM — Thaden School Theater - 805 S Main Street Bentonville


Jun 12, 7:00 PM — Jun 16, 11:59 PM Central Standard Time (CST)