Gabby’s Dollhouse


EVENT TYPE: Outdoor Theater

RUN TIME: 22 Minutes

Grab your party pass and jump aboard DJ's new party bus and boogie on over to the Dollhouse Music Festival! Gabby, Pandy, and DJ Catnip celebrate the day by unveiling the brand new party bus, then cruise around to see each Gabby Cat perform all kinds of a-meowzing musical acts from bluegrass to disco pop — each with the “quirky cat bop” touch! For our Cat of the Day, we sing and groove with DJ.


Director(s): Lianne Hughes

Writer(s): Written by: Ryder Chasin, Created by: Jennifer Twomey, Traci Paige Johnson

Cast: Laila Lockhart Kraner, Logan Bailey, Juliet Donenfeld



1:30 PM — The Geena Davis Theater @ The Momentary - 507 SE E St Bentonville