Ms. April’s Book and Crown Shop: An Afro Unicorn Kids Show


EVENT TYPE: Outdoor Theater

RUN TIME: 15 Minutes

Afro Unicorn invites all to enter the enchanting world of ''Ms. April's Book and Crown Shop,'' where dreams come alive and young entrepreneurs find their wings. The heart of the story revolves around Ms. April, a wise and charismatic mentor who owns Crown and AfroMation Shop. A pillar of the urban inner city community, Ms. April’s role is to affirm what makes children unique, divine and magical everyday. Along her side is Magical, a puppet with a magical snow globe that can foresee the future.

In the bustling town, the dynamic young girls embark on a thrilling entrepreneurial journey. Every episode presents a new challenge for one of the girls, and with Ms. April's guidance, they navigate the intricate world of business, learning valuable lessons along the way.


Director(s): Josh Sikkema, Johnny Ray

Producer(s): April Showers & Askia Fountain



12:00 PM — Geena Davis Outdoor Theater @ The Momentary - 507 SE E St Bentonville