EVENT TYPE: Competition Narrative Features

RUN TIME: 93 Minutes

Disciplined high school athlete Dakota Riley lives his life within carefully-designed boundaries, a calculated blueprint upon which he’sformed the basis of his identity. But when the reality of his identity is thrown into disarray, Dakota is forced to confront the consequences of denying himself, or come to terms with who he really is.


VENUE INFORMATION: For this screening, please note that Skylight Cinemas is home to The Cutting Room, Queso Dias, and Brick Oven Bentonville, along with the Skylight Bar, and will be serving meals and beverages at this time. You can order dinner to enjoy during your movie with the server at the theater, and receive your order at your seat.


Director(s): Benjamin Howard

Producer(s): Benjamin Howard, Tommy Anderson, Laura Scarano

Writer(s): Benjamin Howard

Cast: Jake Holley, Colin McCalla, Connor Storrie, Riley Quinn Scott, J.B. Waterman, Rib Hillis



5:30 PM — Skylight Cinema 4 - 350 Southwest A St. Bentonville