Ryan’s World the Movie: Titan Universe Adventure


EVENT TYPE: Outdoor Film Series

RUN TIME: 80 Minutes

Ryan is back for his most epic adventure yet! When his twin sisters, Emma and Kate, get sucked into a mystical comic book, Ryan has no choice but to rise up as the great big brother he is and jump in after them. Adventures, battles, and hilarious debacles ensue, as Ryan and his friends navigate the Titan Universe and bring everyone back home safely before his parents catch on.


Director(s): Albie Hecht

Producer(s): Albie Hecht, Shion Kaji

Writer(s): Rose Frankel

Cast: Ryan Kaji, Emma Kaji, Kate Kaji, Evangeline Lomelino, Shion Kaji, Loann Kaji, Dan Rhodes



4:00 PM — The Momentary