Shorts Block 1: Dark & Wild


EVENT TYPE: Competition Shorts

RUN TIME: 88 Minutes

CARNIVORA (Director, Felipe Vargas) – When their mother vanishes, two estranged sisters are forced to caretake for their catatonic grandma… only to realize that grandma isn’t grandma at all.

THE DOG (Director, Danielle Baynes) – Unfolding over the course of one night at a 24-hour clinic, struggling vet CLAIRE (played by Kate Walsh, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’) grapples with the pressures of the shift and a persistent inner turmoil. WORLD PREMIERE

GOOD GRIEF (Director, Megan Chumbley) – What should be a sober memorial devolves into a chaotic frenzy as Avery’s attempt at coping with her father’s suicide is derailed by her self-centered family.

LAST TO LEAVE (Director, Mary Elizabeth Ellis) – Two mysterious women ignite revelry and unexpected connections with the regulars in a neighborhood bar. But as closing time nears, the true nature of their presence takes a dark turn. WORLD PREMIERE

NIAN (Director, Michelle Krusiec) – A Chinese American girl stands up to her racist bully armed with a Chinese Demon Mask and the Nian, a mythological figure that eats bad children.

TAYAL FOREST CLUB (Director, Laha Mebow) – Two Tayal youth learn to navigate life’s challenges by paying close attention to lessons that only the land can offer.

WILD ANIMAL (Director, Beth Park) – Mallory, a wealthy woman, finds an abandoned baby in the middle of the wilderness.


VENUE INFORMATION: Parking for screenings/events at Thaden School is in a residential area, so please plan your arrival time accordingly.



8:00 PM — Thaden School Theater - 805 S Main Street Bentonville


Jun 13, 4:30 PM — Jun 16, 11:59 PM Central Standard Time (CST)