Shorts Block 2: Feminine Mystique


EVENT TYPE: Competition Shorts

RUN TIME: 89 Minutes

F*CK THAT GUY (Director, Hanna Gray Organschi) – 1992 Connecticut. Desperate to keep the attention of her intoxicating older best friend, Frankie sets out to prove that sex is no big deal. WORLD PREMIERE

FLIGHT OR FIGHT (Director, Lindsey Hagen)- Chronicling the journey of the first female pilot employed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

GOLDEN CHILD (Director, Hannah Levin) – A young woman is reunited with her childhood friend at a pool party and reckons with the fact that he used to pee on her when they were kids.

GRACE (Director, Natalie Jasmine Harris) – Sixteen-year-old Grace prepares for her baptism in the rural 1950s South.

HOW DID I GET HERE (Director, Kate Hamilton) – Sardonic Cynthia walks us through a play-by- play of a recent ‘squicky’ date, requiring her to confront some uncomfortable truths.

SIS (Director, Brooke Markham) – A young woman discovers she’s pregnant during the Roe v Wade overturn.


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4:30 PM — Thaden School Theater - 805 S Main Street Bentonville


Jun 13, 7:00 PM — Jun 16, 11:59 PM Central Standard Time (CST)