Shorts Block 3: Eclectic Mix


EVENT TYPE: Competition Shorts

RUN TIME: 91 Minutes

DEAD BIRD HEARTS (Director, Ryan RedCorn) – A lonely mentally unbalanced Native American man on a search for True Love in a post-apocalyptic world.

THE GRIEVANCE (Director, Richie Keene) – What if AI filed a complaint to HR about harassment in a comedy writer’s room on a sitcom?

THE MASTERPIECE (Director, Alex Lora) – Leo and Diana, a rich couple, bring a broken TV to a recycling point and meet two scrap dealers.

SEOUL SWITCH (Director, Liann Kaye) – When an insecure Korean American boy meets an International K-Pop Star who looks just like him, they decide to switch identities.

SHIMMER (Director, Alice Gu) – At the hospital where Dr. Ethan works, a sickly 9 year-old patient develops a particular affinity to Dr. Ethan.

TINY JOY (Director, Leena Pendharkar) – Nancy and Akash are in couples therapy, to work through their stagnant love life, which has resorted to another item on their to-do list — and does not get done often.

THE WORLD IN A GLASS (Director, Ekwa Msangi) – While on her travels, Tahiirah shares her story and reflects upon how she navigated the industry, how she maintained her cultural identity while doing so, and how she is able to give back to her community.


VENUE INFORMATION: Parking for screenings/events at Thaden School is in a residential area, so please plan your arrival time accordingly.



11:30 AM — Thaden School Theater - 805 S Main Street Bentonville


Jun 14, 7:30 PM — Jun 16, 11:59 PM Central Standard Time (CST)