Tokyo Cowboy


EVENT TYPE: Competition Narrative Features

RUN TIME: 118 Minutes

Brash businessman Hideki arrives in Montana having convinced his Tokyo bosses he can turn a profitless US cattle ranch into a premiere-performing asset. Yet when his Hardee’s-burger-loving Japanese Wagyu-beef expert fails him, Hideki is poised to misfire magnificently unless he identifies a missing element that’s key to the transformation’s himself.



Director(s): Marc Marriott

Producer(s): Brigham Taylor, Marc Marriott, Jeri Rafter

Writer(s): Dave Boyle, Ayako Fujitani

Cast: Arata Iura, Goya Robles, Ayako Fujitani, Robin Weigert, Jun Kunimura



12:30 PM — Skylight Cinema 5 - 350 Southwest A St