We Are Guardians


EVENT TYPE: Competition Documentary Features

RUN TIME: 82 Minutes

We Are Guardians follows Indigenous forest guardian Marçal Guajajara and activist Puyr Tembé as they fight to protect their territories from deforestation, an illegal logger who has no choice but to cut the forest down, and a large landowner at the mercy of thousands of invaders and extractive industry. Through intimate, character focused storytelling, the film brings the issues to the forefront — from the science of the Amazon Rainforest and its pivotal role in our global climate stability to the economic drivers of deforestation. The film weaves together politics, history, economics, science, and consciousness, providing an in-depth exploration of this incredibly complex and critical situation — the origins and the impact of which ripple out far beyond the boundaries of the Amazon itself. Directed by Indigenous activist Edivan Guajajara and environmental filmmakers Chelsea Greene and Rob Grobman; produced by Academy Award winner Fisher Stevens and executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.




Director(s): Edivan Guajajara, Chelsea Greene, Rob Grobman

Producer(s): Fisher Stevens, Maura Anderson, Chelsea Greene, Zak Kilberg

Cast: Puyr Temb



3:00 PM — Skylight Cinema 4 - 350 Southwest A St. Bentonville