We Strangers


EVENT TYPE: Competition Narrative Features

RUN TIME: 86 Minutes

Rayelle Martin works as a commercial cleaner in Gary, Indiana. She’s mischievous, playful, and skilled at adapting to her surroundings. One day while at work, Ray is approached by Dr. Neeraj Patel, a therapist who hires her to work as his housekeeper. Who’s going to say no to extra money? Not Ray. Dr. Patel then presents her with another offer she can’t refuse: a second job cleaning his mistress’s home. At first Ray is just an observer, but then, after growing tired of being a witness, she impulsively tells one small lie: that she can speak to the dead. As Ray attempts to gain ownership over her own identity, she finds herself in an odd new position of power.


VENUE INFORMATION: Parking for screenings/events at Thaden School is in a residential area, so please plan your arrival time accordingly.


Director(s): Anu Valia

Producer(s): Olivia Wingate, Alex Bach, Zach Spicer, Joy Jorgensen, Miranda Kahn

Writer(s): Anu Valia

Cast: Kirby, Tina Lifford, Sarah Goldberg, Maria Dizzia, Kara Young, Hari Dhillon



2:00 PM — Thaden School Theater - 805 S Main Street Bentonville