From our first year, Visit Bentonville has been a crucial partner for the growth of the Bentonville Film Festival. For five years, Visit Bentonville has been involved from leveraged area partnerships to showcasing all the town has to offer attendees, travelers, and visiting celebrities. BFF’s growth is directly tied to the efforts of the community and staff at Visit Bentonville over the last five years.

If you’re traveling this year to BFF, Visit Bentonville has all the information that you’ll need for your NWA experience; lodging, outdoor activities, restaurants, museums and more. If you arrive at Bentonville earlier than the start of the festival ( May 7), Visit Bentonville is your best resource for filling your free time, whether that’s renting a bicycle for the week to cruise around one of the many trails in Bentonville, or a guide to the different breweries and restaurants in the city, they have your back.

In addition to their involvement during BFF, Visit Bentonville has stepped into supporting new, year-round screenings with BFF’s Movie Monday’s. In partnership with the BFF Foundation, Visit Bentonville and a monthly regional sponsor support a monthly screening at Skylight Cinema on the third Monday of each month. Each screening brings back a BFF Alumni to showcase their film and engage with community members in a Q&A and reception.

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“Our towns are the heart of America. Some say that they’re gone, moved on, or simply faded away. But there’s a new American town on the map. It’s a town with a big heart and even bigger ambition. A town where modern progress meets rich history, where the arts meet innovation, and where companies meet communities. A town you can explore with all of your senses: from fresh air in the Ozarks, to fresh cuisine on your plate. That town is Bentonville, Arkansas. A town to visit, to see, to breathe, and to discover: “Now this is a great town.” Visit Bentonville — a new American town.” 

– Visit Bentonville

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